Let’s Build The Tomcat – Hard-back Edition

If you want one of these Limited Edition Specials, now is the time to place your order!

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Tomcat Book. Hard-Back Update.

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Yesterday I announced that I would be releasing the new Tomcat book only in soft-back format, and that I may not be bothered with the hard-back editions this time. Well, it would seem that you guys are interested in seeing it in that format, so I have decided to print a collection of these editions as I did with the Mustang book. That being so, can I please ask those of you who would definitely like a hard-back edition (either to be posted out, or to be collected at Telford) to PLEASE note your interest under this update so that I have everything all in one place? That way, I can draw up a complete list to know how many I need and I will then post an update on this Blog with the necessary links for payment. Thanks a lot!


Book reservations – Messages Sent…


If you reserved a book when it was announced, I have now contacted you – please check replies!

Morning everyone! With the Mustang book now printed and ready to send out, I’ve contacted everyone that reserved a copy of the book, but as yet have not paid for their copy, or who have maybe changed their minds and no longer want one. Please check your messages and then drop me a line. I will probably do what I did with the Spitfire book and hold the copies for a short while and if I don’t hear back, release them once more for general sale – I don’t want to keep copies for an extended period of time, preferring instead to move on to the next project. Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing from you!