Airfix Announce New Releases For 2018…

New kits aplenty and one classic British jet define 2018 for this classic British brand…

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A MiniArt Masterpiece

Are you ready for the ultimate, Cold-War armour kit?


MiniArt look to be releasing an absolutely astonishing kit of the T-54B. Comprising over 1000 parts(!), this new offering from them will be a real tour de force in both kit construction and painting. Featuring a fully detailed interior, as well as working suspension, articulated tracks and superbly detailed hull and turret, those of you with aspirations to build the ultimate model of this famous vehicle, may just have found the means.

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Because it’s Tamiya, that’s why!

Tamiya have for as long as I can remember, been my favourite company, so almost anything that has those two stars on the box tends to bring a smile to my face

How a Quarter-Scale F-14 caused the sky to fall in. Almost.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 09.47.03

You would think that the release of any new kit would be cause for celebration, but when that kit is joining the range of perhaps the greatest model making company on the planet, we should not only celebrate, but shout it from the roof tops.



Okay, maybe it’s just me that thinks the news that Tamiya are to release a brand-new F-14A Tomcat is cause for an outpouring of pleasure. Tamiya have for as long as I can remember, been my favourite company, so almost anything that has those two stars on the box tends to bring a smile to my face (alright, not entirely everything, I still don’t get those little carpet racers, but that’s about it!). So when the news broke this week, I was happy that a) I didn’t need to keep it secret any longer, b) that it looked so good in the pictures and c) that I could finally build a Tomcat and not have to wrestle with an ill-fitting kit, or one that featured twenty-five hundred parts – if you see what I mean. Continue reading

Video News Report Online…

Here is the first of my weekly news report that form part of my YouTube channel. This will be published each Friday and will feature news, new kits and anything else that I find interesting, amusing or downright bizarre! Please hop on over and if you like the videos (or indeed any other videos on there!) please subscribe to the channel and you’ll see everything that I publish

I hope you enjoy the video!


Great Wall Hobby reveal details of their next 1:48 kit – the delightful T-33

The Hyperscale website has just revealed details of GWH’s next 1:48, offering shots of the made-up kit and the options offered on the decal sheet. As you can see from this link, the model looks great once built up and the options of the decal sheet will certain provide the basis for a wonderfully colour addition to the display cabinet.

As you might imagine, we have no further information on this kit, but when do do, we’ll be sure to pass it. This is one that we are looking forward to…

Raptors seen in North Wales…

It’s been a cold an miserable spring so far, so imagine the delight of those hardy souls that braved the elements to visit the Mach Loop in North Wales, when an F-22 Raptor dropped in for a visit. Apparently this is the first time this ‘Fifth Generation’ fighter has played at low level, so those that were there had a rare treat. Will it be back whilst the 48th Fighter Wing’s deployment to RAF Lakenheath continues – who knows. Chances are though, those that were unsure whether or not to visit the Loop, will now be champing at the bit to catch sight of a Raptor in the wild…