It won’t be alright on the night…

Why can’t a modelling project be a success from start to finish – why do we always have to make mistakes?!

“After 40 years of building models you would think that I would have everything pretty much down pat and most things that I tackle would be an easy progression, A to Z, but no: if I can foul up a model I will

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Nerf Rayven Repaint – Something Different!

Morning everyone, here’s another video, this time created for my nephew James. I tried to upload this yesterday, but it seems that the link was broken – I think it’s working now! 🙂
He asked me to repaint one of his NERF guns, so I did that this week and then created this little film to record what I did and how he reacted when I presented it to him this afternoon – the last time I will see him and his family before they move to Australia, next week. I love this film, because it shows James reacting to the repaint in real time.
This was a cool little project that allowed me to stretch out with the airbrush, some car paint and a little imagination to create a unique piece for his growing collection. I really enjoyed this – I hope you do as well!

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