Cold War Aircraft Modeller 3 – Off To The Printers!

Bonus print completes the design of this new 60 page booklet…

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Quick book update and future plans for the Messerschmitt 109 title…

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Hello! I’ve spent a few hours this morning going through the orders for the new book. As with everything in this industry, it’s always hard to peg how a title will do and this one is no different, selling well below what I’ve seen with the previous titles (in fact, half as many). That being so, I’ve decided that I will this time only print the number of paid-for orders (not reservations) along with a few spares that go missing in the post (which certainly happens!) and then put in to bed and move on. That way, I don’t have boxes full of books that I’ve paid for and can’t sell!

So this is the final chance to order a book if you want one, so please follow the link below and I will add you to the list before the files are uploaded for print this week and it’s gone until I have sufficient reorders to make it worth reprinting. If there are none, I will delete it as before.

As promised, those that have paid for it will receive there’s by the end of this month once the book is back from the printers.

Thanks very much for your interest!


Here’s the link to the original posting, should you want to place and order:



Last Orders Posted…

One last Tomcat update…

Tomcat Print

I’ve dropped the hardbacks off at the Post Office this morning which marks the final bulk release of books to readers. With a bit of luck, anyone that’s ordered one of these will receive their copies within the next week or so.

And with that, this project is at an end. As with all of my books, once this one has sold out (there are around 20 left), the book will be deleted from my files in this format and I will move on to the next project. It’s been fun to deal with this kit and create a book on it and I hope that you’ve enjoyed the journey and the completed ‘How To Build…’ guide. Thanks a lot!

Airfix Bristol Blenheim Mk.IF – A First Look…

Excellent levels of detail and accuracy typify Airfix’ recent releases, especially those within their 1:48 collection. As you’ll read in this update, their new Blenheim is certainly no different…

“Though overshadowed by the more glamorous fighters, the Blenheim is an important part of the history of the RAF and thus its inclusion within Airfix’ 1:48 range is more than welcome”


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