Academy 1:72 F/A-18C Hornet

A small-scale project, finally wrapped up!


Morning everyone – I hope that you are enjoying the snow!
As the year draws to a close I’m wrapping up some projects for work, the first being one of two F-18 Hornets that I’m dealing the with. This is one is my interpretation of the Academy 1:72 F/A-18C that I’ve upgraded with a superdetailed cockpit, resin seat, jetpipes and wings, all of which add to the candid look of the model – I think! The model was painted with Gunze Mr. Color lacquers and then weathered with oils and Humbrol enamels, all decals coming from the kit. The final additions were a couple of missiles from a Tamiya F-16…
I’ve tried to make what is a pretty bland scheme as interesting as possible and I’m now happy to move on to what will be a different and far cleaner scheme for my 1:48 build…
I hope you like it and stay warm! 🙂

Why choice and distractions are bad…For me.

The more I have the less I do – it’s just a fact of life and I hate it…

“Cluttering my workshop with kits that are not going to be built, or paints that I’m not going to use is akin to my wife wandering in and asking if I fancy going to the pictures or for a pint – just too much to ignore”

I’m currently in the process of designing a new workshop. The Shed, as mine has now become known, is falling to pieces and is in desperate need of a rebuild. That being so, I’ve spent the last few months trying to design a new structure that I can use for work, with all of the necessary fixtures and fittings that I can both use for building models and creating the films that some of you — hopefully — enjoy from my YouTube channel. What that means at the moment is that I’m cramming work in to my schedule so that when it’s demolished, I still have builds banked that can then be used in Model Airplane International. As a result of this enforced upturn in completions, my workshop looks like a bomb site and it’s driving me insaneContinue reading

On holiday!

And with that, I am now officially on holiday until the 3rd of August. The workshop is locked, the computer off and my office, shut away. No more modelling, writing or filming for the next week or so!
Now I’m sure that many of you are more than happy to with this break in my nonsense, but even so, I’d like to thank everyone for their help this year and also to those of you that have taken an interest in what I have built, written and filmed. It’s very much appreciated! 
So that’s me on holiday – I’m off for a pint! See you when I get back! 😎

Kittyhawk 1:48 Fitter – all wrapped up…

After three month’s of work, videos and now a full-blown article, this build is finally at an end!

“Opinions vary wildly on this kit. Many feel it to be utter rubbish, others really liking it and many (the silent majority) no doubt falling smack bang in the middle. Me, I like it. I felt that they were no more difficult to overcome than many other kits I’ve built over the years”

IMG_3042 Continue reading