Tornado Book – ‘Standard Edition’ now ready to order…

The second version of this popular new book, is ready to join your library!

Afternoon everyone!

Here are the payment details for the ‘Standard Version’ of my new book on the Italeri Tornado GR4. This one features not only a fully-detailed look at the brand-new 1/32 Italeri Tornado GR4 kit, it also includes some wonderful images of the real aircraft at the end of its service life. Full colour and beautifully printed on heavyweight 130 gsm paper, this 56 page, perfect-bound monograph, is the perfect accompaniment for anyone wishing to build this very impressive new kit!

Below you will find all of the payment details to go with the earlier information on the book. Should you wish to see once again some of the pages from the book, please visit my earlier Blog entries:


As with previous titles, this one is being created as a strictly limited-run product and as before, the price reflects this. Many of you will already have the other books in your collections so — hopefully — will know what this means in terms of quality and how enjoyable it is to own something that’s rather niche in its approach! By now, all of the special edition books have been pre-ordered and I now have your reservation and address details.

Here you will find payment links should you wish to purchase a copy of this new book.

UK Orders including postage and packing: £25 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/25

Europe Orders including postage and packing: £27.50 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/27.50

Rest Of World including postage and packing: £30 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/30


When using the Paypal links, please can you ensure that you leave your full name and postal address so that I can complete my ordering list ready to have the books sent out to you.

If you need to contact me about anything to do with the book, place an order, or have any other questions, please either leave a message here, or contain me using my email address:

So for now, that’s just about it with the book, all that needs to be done now to complete the proofreading and get everything off to the printers ready for you to enjoy your copy! Thank you all so much for you support with this project and for taking the time to read this update. I hope that you enjoy the book when it arrives and hope that you all have a wonderful day. Thanks so much!

Spencer Pollard, December 2020.

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