Quick book update and future plans for the Messerschmitt 109 title…

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 16.17.43

Hello! I’ve spent a few hours this morning going through the orders for the new book. As with everything in this industry, it’s always hard to peg how a title will do and this one is no different, selling well below what I’ve seen with the previous titles (in fact, half as many). That being so, I’ve decided that I will this time only print the number of paid-for orders (not reservations) along with a few spares that go missing in the post (which certainly happens!) and then put in to bed and move on. That way, I don’t have boxes full of books that I’ve paid for and can’t sell!

So this is the final chance to order a book if you want one, so please follow the link below and I will add you to the list before the files are uploaded for print this week and it’s gone until I have sufficient reorders to make it worth reprinting. If there are none, I will delete it as before.

As promised, those that have paid for it will receive there’s by the end of this month once the book is back from the printers.

Thanks very much for your interest!


Here’s the link to the original posting, should you want to place and order: