Mustang book – almost ready to print…

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With the Mustang book now complete and out for proof-reading, I thought it would be worth repeating my earlier update for those who’ve order a copy, or would like to do so.

Here we go!

Over the last few months I’ve been offering information on here concerning my new book on modelling the Mustang. With the models now complete and design being finalised, I thought that it was about time that I provided more information on it and how those of you that have either already re-ordered a copy, or would like to, can cement their orders and pay for their copies.

If you are interested in this book and you want to order a copy, please read ALL OF THE FOLLOWING UPDATE!


Book Format And Contents…

Following closely the design and philosophy of the earlier Spitfire and Sea Fury titles, ‘How to Build… The P-51D Mustang’ offers the modeller everything that they need, to build a collection of models of this iconic aircraft in four scales: 1:144, 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32. In so doing, the reader will be taken through builds of the following subjects and kits:

Sweet 1:144 P-51B, ”DING HAO”, 356th FS
Airfix 1:72 P-51D, 112 Squadron RAF
Tamiya 1:48 P-51B, ”Shangri La”, 4th FG
Tamiya 1:48 P-51D, A Modern-Day Warbird
Airfix 1:48 P-51D, ”Little Indian”, 2nd ACG
MENG 1:48 P-51D, City Of Winnipeg Squadron
Revell 1:32 P-51D, 307th FS/31st FG, Italy, 1944

Each chapter deals with the construction and painting of the models, offering ideas, hints and tips and where needed, additional details on getting the best from each individual kit. High quality paper, printing and layout, ensure that no detail is missed across the extended 56 pages of this new publication.

Preorders – What To Do Now…

Many of you reading this will already have pre-ordered the book. As this is published, 150 of the allotted 200 that I plan to print of the softbacks are already allocated and then 23 of the 30 hardbacks, so there are very few left for those that have not yet been in touch. I appreciated that this book was likely to be popular, but I never had any intention of creating an open-ended project, instead offering something that was once again limited-edition in nature, each one being signed and number to ensure that you the reader had something that was special and worth collecting.
In creating a ‘Limited Edition’, the price of this book (along with the Spitfire title that came before) had to reflect that, so although perhaps more expensive than a publication with a far high print run, the cost reflected the work that has gone in to it and the exclusivity of the final product. That being so, the cost of the books are as follows, followed by the links that you need to follow to pay for each one:


Softback Edition

UK Orders including postage and packing: £20 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/20

Europe Orders including postage and packing: £22 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/22

Rest Of World including postage and packing: £25 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/25

Hardback Edition

UK Orders including postage and packing: £32 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/32

Europe Orders including postage and packing: £34 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/34

Rest Of World including postage and packing: £37 – PayPal.Me/DavidP671/37


When using the Paypal links, please can you ensure that you do the following:

  • Leave your email address so that I can contact you if necessary – and your full name.
  • Leave a full name and mailing address and if you have reserved a copy under a screen name such as seen on here, that as well, please. Sometimes its easy to click the link, but not add additional details, so please, if you can, please fill in you COMPLETE address so that I can simply cut and paste it for use on the mailing labels and envelopes. If I can’t find your address or full name, I can’t send out the book, so the more information I have, the easier and more efficient it will be.

I appreciate that the book is more expensive that the Spitfire release, but this one is longer and more detailed. If you have pre-ordered a copy and feel that it is too much and would like to cancel your order, please contact me and let me know – I will fully understand and would rather hear from you than you feel uncomfortable about it!

Release Date and Scheduled Despatch

At the moment, the scheduled release for this book is the end of July/beginning of August, meaning that all books will be despatched by mid August, irrespective of where you live. UK orders will go first, followed by Europe and then the rest of the world, which includes the USA, Australia, Canada, etc. All books will be mailed as before in their own poly-bags and toughened envelopes, so you can guarantee that they will arrive safe and sound.

Final Thoughts…

If you need to contact me about anything to do with the book, place an order, or have any other questions, please either leave a message here, or contain me using my email address:


So for now, that’s just about it with the book, all that needs to be done now to finalise design and get everything off to the printers. Thank you all so much for you support with this project and for taking the time to read this update. I hope that you enjoy the book when it arrives and hope that you all have a wonderful day. Thanks so much!

Spence July 2018


One thought on “Mustang book – almost ready to print…

  1. a333driver July 17, 2018 / 8:34 pm

    Hi Spencer, I can’t remember if I added the request again to send my copy to Hannants in Colindale where I’ll pick it up on my next trip to London.
    I’m really looking forward to the publication
    Thanks, Tom

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