Sea Fury Mini Guide Takes Flight!

All pre-ordered copies now posted out…

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 20.23.37

After an early start this morning, all of the pre-ordered copies of the book have been posted out. Unlike last time when I spread them out, I decided to deal with them all in one go, so with a bit of luck, all will be in the hands of readers in the UK within the next few days and those around the rest of the world by the end of next week. That means that with those that were bought at Cosford, most of the print run is now sold out. I do still have a few copies left, some of which are being retaining for a while for some who have either reserved a copy, paid for it and not sent me their address(!), or have placed a reservation, but not yet confirmed that they want to complete their order. If you are one of those, please get in touch, or if you want one but have yet to contact me, please do so and I’ll send you a link for payment, because as with the Spitfire book, once these are gone, they are gone!
For more information on ordering, here’s the Blog update that tells you all you need to know:
So that’s that – time to move on and leave this behind. Thanks to everyone for their interest in this little project. Now, what to do next..? 🤔

One thought on “Sea Fury Mini Guide Takes Flight!

  1. Minloute chtimi April 11, 2018 / 5:53 pm

    I received my book today. Thanks very much Spencer it is a little gem of a “how to build” book. I can now start building. Please keep them coming.Cheers. Rene

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