Book update: outstanding reservations to close today…

Have you reserved a copy of the Spitfire book and not yet confirmed your order? This afternoon, 5pm is the cut-off point to do it…

Hey everyone – here’s a quick news-flash on the book.
The hardbacks have all been dispatched this morning, all remaining orders being done next week: Europe on Wednesday and worldwide (Australia, South America and the like) on Tuesday. That will complete all of the orders and postage.
Today is the final day for the original reservations of the book to be completed – in other words, those that are over a month old. The few that have not gotten back to me over the last week or so, to confirm, or prior to that supply address details, will I am afraid be swapped for those on the reserve list. It seems harsh, but I can’t hold on to them indefinitely and so I think it’s fair to do this having posted information on this Blog, on Facebook and via email and personal messages, especially when so many others want a copy. If you have reserved one, please let me know: if not, I will assume you’ve changed your mind – which is perfectly understandable! – and offer copies elsewhere this afternoon.  🙂
So that’s it. By the end of today, all orders will be complete and I can move on to the next one…
Have a great day. 🙂

Spitfire book – No Reprint…

Hi everyone!
Following Brett’s very generous update on my book over on Hyperscale, I’d thought it best to clear up that the book will NOT be reprinted as mentioned in that write-up yesterday. When I decided to create this book, I made a decision to release a ‘Limited Edition’ and so announced that fact and the orders were received on the basis of it being short-run. Now that it is sold out – and despite the fact that I could sell considerably more! – I really don’t think it would be fair, or right, to those that ordered early to go back on my word and add more to the list of books ordered and sold. I understand that this will lose me sales, but I really feel that I have to stick to what I said and move on.
I would like to thanks everyone for their interest – it really means a lot to me!
Have a great day and here’s to the next one!
Spence 🙂

Spitfire Book: Sold Out!

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 09.18.28
This morning the final orders for the book were taken and as such, it is now officially sold out!
At the moment, I have a complete list of orders, with more coming in, but that list also contains names from modellers who want a copy, but have not gotten back to me further to confirm, which is perfectly fine. That being so, I’ve decided to set a 48 hour time limit for outstanding orders to be confirmed, before I swap those orders for new ones on my reserve list. I think this is fair as many have already been contacted and I’d like to finish this project off and move on! So, if you have reserved a copy, please give me a shout!
To everyone that has taken an interest in this book, from the bottom my heart, thank you – it means more than you will every know. 🙂

Rhapsody In Blue

High quality print accompanies Spitfire book release…

Spitfire Book Print

Here’s a little surprise for those who’ve taken an interest in the book. Along with the actual books, I decided that each title I do will be accompanied by a very special print that will be available separately and can then be bought and framed. Printed in A3 on silk, 300gsm paper (which is the quality used for a fine art print), these are perhaps the best single reproduction of my work I’ve created, and so I’m really proud to offer them out for sale on a first come first served basis. I’ve yet to decide on a price, but I hope that modellers will really want one of these and see exactly how my Eduard Spitfire should look.

Please, if you are interested in one, let me know!