Why choice and distractions are bad…For me.

The more I have the less I do – it’s just a fact of life and I hate it…

“Cluttering my workshop with kits that are not going to be built, or paints that I’m not going to use is akin to my wife wandering in and asking if I fancy going to the pictures or for a pint – just too much to ignore”

I’m currently in the process of designing a new workshop. The Shed, as mine has now become known, is falling to pieces and is in desperate need of a rebuild. That being so, I’ve spent the last few months trying to design a new structure that I can use for work, with all of the necessary fixtures and fittings that I can both use for building models and creating the films that some of you — hopefully — enjoy from my YouTube channel. What that means at the moment is that I’m cramming work in to my schedule so that when it’s demolished, I still have builds banked that can then be used in Model Airplane International. As a result of this enforced upturn in completions, my workshop looks like a bomb site and it’s driving me insaneContinue reading