‘D for Delightful’ as the Corsair family is joined by the rocket and bomb-armed, Dash 1D…


Following the release of the ‘Birdcage’ and -1A variants of Vought’s ‘Bent-Wing Bird’, Tamiya has taken the wholly unsurprising decision to rework the moulds to bring us the later, more powerful, ground-attack, Dash 1D. Offering all of the changes that that variant exhibited during its life in service, the kit will be in the main familiar to those that have built the earlier versions, but there are changes across five new runners. The new parts contain different underwing panels, fuselage halves, bombs, tanks, rockets and clear parts for the clear vision canopy. Across the rest of the kit you will find decals for two Gloss Sea Blue aircraft, as well as etched detail parts, canopy masks, rubber tyres and a small bag of tools and screws needed to build the model.


We have the parts needed to build this kit on the way, so will take a more detailed look at it next month. In the meantime we hope that you enjoy seeing the shots of the completed model that our friends at The Hobby Company have sent us.


More news when we get it!


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