Super Scooter – Part 4

We complete our look at Hasegawa’s delightful A-4M Skyhawk II.

“As with almost every Hasegawa aircraft kit, this one is devoid of weapons save for the underwing tanks that are specific to the aircraft”


Pic 22
Though decals are supplied to decorate the interior of the slat-bays, I decided that it would be far more realistic to paint them and so masked them and sprayed the areas with Xtracolor Post Office Red, this colour also being used for the inner faces of the airbrakes and inner surfaces of the flaps and their underwing bays.
Pic 23
In order to prepare the model for decaling, it was given several thin layers of Alclad Aqua Gloss.

Having completed the painting, decalling and weathering, I could breath a sigh of relief and turn my attention to the undercarriage and weapons – the former an easy step, the latter, not so much!

Pic 25
The undercarriage is well-detailed and benefits from some careful painting and weathering. Here’s the nose gear in all of its glorious detail…

The undercarriage units in the kit are really well detailed and look fine with little more than a coat of paint and a touch of weathering here and there. As with the rest of the kit, enamels were used to produce the colour coats, the quality of the new colours allowing not only the painting of the finer details, but once thinned down, the washes needed to accentuate the detail.
If the undercarriage was straightforward, the weapons proved less so. As with almost every Hasegawa aircraft kit, this one is devoid of weapons save for the underwing tanks that are specific to the aircraft. This being so, if you want a model that features external stores you’ll have to raid either another kit, or one of Hasegawa’s extensive weapons set. After spending considerable time trying to find pictures of A-4Ms carrying weapons – most appearing to be flown without, which wasn’t helpful! – I settled on a centreline tank from the kit and then two Rockeye bombs and two LAU-10 rocket pods, both of which can from the aforementioned weapons sets. These were carefully assembled and then the painted accordingly, the rocket pods being weathered to reflect heavy use.

Pic 24
The simple weapons load reading to be fixed in place. Not the weathered look of the well-used LAU-10 rocket launchers…

All that remained was to mask and paint the canopy and then add the smaller details such as the aerials, slats and flaps and this one was done. The slats are a far from easy couple of pieces to fix in place and needed some carefully applied superglue on their actuators and undersides of each on to ensure they were securely fastened. The flaps simply fix in place with a large tab, so a dab of glue and that as they say, was that – almost. You’ll notice in the pictures that I’ve forgotten to add the pitot tube to the leading edge of the fin; I’ll be adding this in due course, after hanging my head in shame…


The complete feature…

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.58.10

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2 thoughts on “Super Scooter – Part 4

  1. Ian Nicholls March 24, 2017 / 1:05 pm

    Hello Spencer, Well done, an interesting build and a fine looking model. Did you come to any particular conclusions regarding the enamels?

  2. Christian Atkins March 24, 2017 / 2:44 pm


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