It won’t be alright on the night…

Why can’t a modelling project be a success from start to finish – why do we always have to make mistakes?!

“After 40 years of building models you would think that I would have everything pretty much down pat and most things that I tackle would be an easy progression, A to Z, but no: if I can foul up a model I will

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Wow – thanks for visiting!

I’ve just checked in on this blog whilst watching the football and I’m stunned how many modellers have visited today! I don’t know why, but I have had twice as many readers today to see what I’ve written as I had on my busiest day ever – and that’s incredible! So whoever you are, thanks for taking the time to visit this Blog and reading the nonsense that I write, day to day. It’s very much appreciated! 🤓

A few days off…

Time to put my feet up and recharge the batteries.

Morning everyone.

Now that I’ve started to offer daily updates on here, I thought it might be wise to tell you that I won’t be around again until Thursday as we are having a few days away. As such, there is update for today, but there won’t be one for the next few days until I get back.

Have a nice week and see you soon! 🙂

We can’t see the wood for the trees…

Are you the sort of person that becomes hung up on minute errors and mistakes? Join the club…

“So we all become obsessed with our own corner of this little world. We concentrate on the areas that we shouldn’t at the expense of those that perhaps will cause less angst, less argument and more pleasure”


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K Chrome – the way forward?

How the need to paint a highly polished surface, has created an experimental finish…


Yesterday I started to work on that quick-build Tamiya P-51D Mustang that will run alongside the MENG build. Part of the challenge of this one is to replicate a highly-polished warbird, so I wanted a shift in patina between the wings (painted) and fuselage (natural metal). so, I decided to further play with the K acrylics that I was given last year, in particular, their Chrome primer and final finish. Rather than experimenting on the fuselage, I thought I would spray some of the smaller items and see how it sprayed and what the contrast would look like. This is the result or this afternoon’s session. I’m pleased with the way the chrome looks, and the patina-shift between the painted wings of my MENG kit and the highly polished tank and flap, is just what I was looking for. I’m still nervous about the fuselage and the need to mask over this paint, but time will tell if that’s well-founded, or my worries are misplaced…