News Desk Online – 15.7 16

Here’s this week’s News Desk…


This time around I look at last weekend’s RIAT from Fairford, some new Italeri aircraft, Tamiya’s new 1:35 SU-76 and M10 and also how to improve Revell’s 1:32 Me109G series kits…
I hope that you enjoy the show! 🙂

One thought on “News Desk Online – 15.7 16

  1. Michael Douglas Scott July 16, 2016 / 8:23 pm

    I watched your news video today, as I have watched all of the others. I am one of the few modelers a who lives in a place where modeling, if unknown, is certainly not practiced by anyone I have been able to find. I’ve even advertised with flyers around town. So, your videos and blog posts are always interesting and I look forward to them. This is to tell you that, yes, there are many of us who enjoy being part of a virtual modeling community free of the inane posts and carping ego wars we so often see in other venues.

    I realize recording your videos and writing takes much time and work. I also write and make podcasts so I have an idea of what’s involved. That said, please continue. My modeling world is small, mainly virtual and your work is a great inspiration and provides me with a pleasant modeling interlude. I also enjoy the weekly news videos so I can see the new stuff you get and learn your opinions of them.

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