Natural Metal Made Easy…

A video guide to using Tamiya aerosols, to create fool-proof finishes…


Several days ago, there was a discussion on Hyperscale concerning the use of Tamiya Aerosols to create natural metal finishes. As this is my preferred method to paint this ‘finish’, I thought I would create a new video that shows exactly how I go about using their paints, how to decant the colours for airbrushing and a bunch of other tips and ideas needed to create what is often a tricky paint job!

I’m using these paints and ideas on the T-33 that you can see here, so this will be a timely guide as to what I do whenever the need not to paint an aircraft(!), comes up.

This then is my new video – I hope that you like it!


Hi-Res images to accompany the video…


One thought on “Natural Metal Made Easy…

  1. Jon Bius June 9, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve never been happy with my natural metal finishes, and tend to avoid them because of it. I’m definitely giving this method a try.

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