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If I’m not into the building of a new model within the first half an hour of starting work, I often find myself struggling to ever get going

Why is it sometimes so hard to get into a kit?!


I wonder if anyone else suffers from the problems that I have with new – or indeed, old – kits?

More and more, I’m finding that kits are like movies or books; if I’m not into the building of a new model within the first half an hour of starting work, I often find myself struggling to ever get going. Sometimes, if the kit is important, or the need pressing, I’ll soldier on in the  – often – vain hope that my enthusiasm will grow, but more often than not, the exercise will be one of futility, the box will be closed and I’ll move on.

Why is this? I must have had some enthusiasm to get cracking in the first place and I almost always pick decent kits to build, so why do I feel so differently about each project? It’s not as though it’s down to subject choice, complexity or the time I know it will take to complete the model – it’s just a strangely odd barrier that almost instantly appears between me and the project that sits on the bench.

So I wonder, is it just me, or does this affect everyone else as well?


3 thoughts on “Thought of the day…

  1. Jon Bius May 17, 2016 / 1:34 pm

    I’ve run into that before. One thing I found that helped was to have an “on deck” pile of kits. Kits that I think I might like to build, so I set them apart, and then I just do some reading/research- not so much for accuracy or rivet counting, but to see which one “sticks” in my mind. Books, magazine articles, photos, videos, and kit reviews are all fodder for this process. After a few days of contemplation, I’ll find myself being naturally drawn to one kit or another, and then the build goes much smoother.

    Now that I’ve started that process, it’s really become an ongoing thing for me. And it’s made each build a much more enjoyable and fun experience.

  2. Michael Douglas Scott May 17, 2016 / 6:30 pm

    Yes. Too often for me. I have my “orphans” that wait to be finished. Some will be, some won’t. I’m not above binning a partially competed model if it becomes downright distasteful. I don’t want to feel an obligation to finish a model regardless. I’m too old now for that. I enjoy modeling as well as the kits I choose. Sometimes I find I’ve made the wrong choice, or when it comes to opening the box to begin, the reasons for that choice have departed. No sense laboring away at a kit I no longer enjoy.

    Don’t know exactly why this happens. Worth some contemplation though. I think it’s a common phenomenon.

  3. Calum (akaThe Hamfisted Modeller) May 18, 2016 / 11:42 am

    I can’t say that I ever have that problem. Perhaps it’s because you build so many kits for “work” as opposed to building whatever you want..

    I usually start thinking about the next build, 3/4 though the current one. So by the time I get to start I usually raring to go.

    I’ve only once ever started a kit and immediately wished I hadn’t, and that’s the Kittyhawk Jaguar I’m doing at the moment. But even that passed after a good session on the bench, and I’m quite enjoying the challenge now.

    I do agree there is no point labouring on something you don’t like. After all it’s supposed to be a hobby (for most of us) so you should be enjoying what you’re doing.

    The only better than finishing a kit is starting the next new one 🙂

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