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Sea Fury book update – outstanding orders…

Print run to be reprinted following issues with cover art…

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 20.23.37
Last week I updated those of you that have ordered copies of my Sea Fury book beyond the initial print run to tell you that I was reprinting a new block. That print run has now arrived back and upon checking it, I’ve noticed that there is a minor printing issue on the front cover, that though far from terrible, is not in keeping with what I want from this title, so I’ve taken the decision to contact the printers and they are looking into reprinting everything. I really cannot send out anything to readers that I don’t think is perfect, so I hope that you will bear with me until they are redone and hope that you understand why I’ve decided to take this step.
I’ll update you all further once the printers have gotten back to me. Thanks a lot!

Once they are gone, they are gone..!

Sea Fury book print run to be capped at 250 copies…

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 20.23.37

Having announced a couple of days ago that my Sea Fury book was sold out and that I had to reorder some more to deal with new orders (not on here, on my Facebook page), I’ve been giving some thought about how I’m going to deal with the increased interest in this book and how many I’m actually going to print. Initially, I was going to keep this open-ended, simply printing what I needed and then adding to the number as need arises. Having thought about it and taken some advice from those that I trust, I’ve decided not to do that, but to cap the number of books at 250 copies and then move on.
I never set out to create a product with an extended shelf life. I’ve always wanted to produce something that’s exclusive, a treasure to hunt down and collect (if that doesn’t sound too pompous!) and then hopefully collect as each is released. All of these books are therefore ‘limited edition’ in a way, as you will know that I will only every produce a certain number and then move on – once they are gone, they are gone! As it stands, I have 88 copies left of the maximum run I will carry out for this particular book, so if you do want one, that’s all I can take orders on and once I hit that mark, I won’t be returning to it.
So, that’s the plan for this title. Future books may well see more copies printed, but that will depend on sales and how I feel about it. One thing though: once I decide on the capped figure I won’t then change my mind as that’s unfair on those that have bought a copy on that basis – that’s not honest and I won’t be going down that path.
Thanks a lot and see you next time!

Revell GmBH looks to the future…

Revell press release for immediate attention…

Our contact at Revell has sent over information on the future of Revell GmBH, their ownership and we hope a possible home for many of the Revell/Monogram kits that we love so much. The press release is presented here in full as supplied to us, no alterations having been made. If and when we get any further information, we will post that up on this site. Here is the release in full…

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