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I’ve noticed that I have had a lot of new visitors to this Blog, visitors that seem to be enjoying the silliness that I post and perhaps want to keep visiting without me having to post prompts elsewhere. Well, here’s a quick guide to what to do if you’d like to see regular updates and you have an email account. Continue reading

WH Smiths – Open to purchase Model Airplane International during shutdown…

With the UK shutdown now in its first week, we have been supplied with a list of the WH Smiths branches that are currently open for you to purchase Model Airplane International, as well as other group titles from Doolittle Media, such as Model Military, Military Illustrated and Tamiya Magazine. Here is the list as it stands, but please be aware that this could change as the situation regarding Covid 19 develops over the coming weeks. Obviously, this is a very difficult time for all publishers, so if you can grab your copies from these branches and are not in any way placing yourself or anyone else in harm’s way, please do. If not, please visit the Doolittle Media website where you can take out subscriptions, both printed, or digital so that you can keep with your favourite magazines during this difficult time.

Here is the Doolittle website where you can fine plenty more information:

Doolittle Media Website

And the list of shops – just click each image…

Harrier Book: Off To The Printers!

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 09.03.13
Well, after a 4am start this morning, not only am I up to date with my MAI work, the Harrier book is now proofed and ready to send to the printers. I appreciate that you are no-doubt a bit bored with seeing this, but thanks so much to everything that has now bought an advance copy of this book. Thanks to you, I now have the funds to get the book printed ready for release at SMW 2019. It really means a lot to me that these frankly tiny projects are so well-received, so bless you all – it really wouldn’t be possible without your help and support.
All the best and have a great evening. 🙂